About Us

We are well known in the paint industry and have been
around for more than 50 years.

Some of our Employees have been with the company for over 30 years and are highly skilled painters.

We stand behind our work and our standard workmanship guarantee applies to all of our projects

We have formulated our own quality range of paint products called Paintmaster. www.paint-master.co.za

Projects are managed with excellent supervision to ensure that we deliver a quality end product.

We have years of experience and a well-established
customer base, we can provide any references on request

Our Customers gets supplied with  the color of their choice! We will gladly  provide paint  samples and customize a color for you. We also have the ability to match colours.

Martin Vosloo paints has been established since 1965 and offer a reliable, friendly and solid service with quality work.

In order to reach these goals we hold these values

  • To offer dedication, professionalism and commitment to each and every job.
  • To offer and reach customers with whom we can build a strong and long term relationship
  • To offer a friendly and solid service
  • To offer prices that are affordable without compromising quality

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